MUST WATCH free creative filters for PHOTO VIDEO

I hope it will help beginner photographers and videographers to explore and get inspired. Thanks for watching!

Covers by Eva
Let’s get it on (Marvin Gaye instrumental cover)
Lovely day (Bill Withers instrumental cover)
Wouldn’t it be nice (Beach boys instrumental cover)

Jerry paper – Real. Now. Love from Big Pop For Chameleon World
Jerry Paper – I’m a Body from Vol. I
Jerry Paper – Chameleon World from Big Pop For Chameleon World

Buy Jerry paper’s music and merch here:
He s awesome and awesome ppl need money to survive:


Tutorial for Anamorphic lens flare with fishing wire by ShawnStar86:
(add blue to your finshing line for the blue effect)…

Tutorial for Hollywood star filter by Onice750:
(add more lines to have more star points)…
OR by Evilpooh…

Bokeh kit template by Phillip burt (shapes and holder)…

Create your own round shape and middle designs,
you can hybrid his design with this other concept:…

Looks good with text!
Checkout this blog by lauren Haroutunian on how she made TEXT bokeh:
make sure to watch the music video with the examples in it!

DIY filter holder for wide angle lenses:…
Also could be perfect for any lens.

WEIRDER FILTERS made from recycled items:

A Guide to Filters for Lenses:…

ok bye xx


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