24 FREE Grunge Inspired Borders and Textures

24 FREE Grunge Inspired Borders & Textures
DOWNLOAD link on my Facebook fan page:

Feel free to use it in any projects, even commercial.
As long as you don’t sell it or don’t advertise it as being created by you.

More free items for my fans soon!

Simply import those files in your editing software.
Put the file on top of your footage, then change the opacity % or the blend mode.
(works well with many different blend modes, example: multiply)

Some images are bigger than 1920X1080, you can easily scale those. It could be useful if you play with 2K or 4K footage.

I made those borders using one image from Rampant design’s texture pack and I painted / drew the rest + modified it in Adobe Photoshop.

Made to feel it, by Swanflow

Special thanks to Chad Randolph-Seng

If you are looking for GRUNGE MOVING TEXTURES check out the Grunge pack from Rampant design tools. Very awesome!


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