How to use Rampant design tools Style mattes

Hi! I wanted to make a more entertaining video this time! Giving it a modern music video look. Hope you like it :)This is how you can use the 3 volumes of rampant Style Mattes in your video projects.I am not paid to do this review-tutorial, I just really love those products!! 🙂 It is so easy to use and if you are more advanced you can get even more creative with it using after effects and masks.

Get the style mattes packages here! 🙂

You also see effects from Film FX V.1
available on

Music licensed by
The DNC – Dance the way it moves. feat Gigi
The DNC – Dance The Way It Moves feat Gigi Instrumental

Shot with a Canon 7d, 50mm 1.8 canon lens
lighted by a Stellar 18″ Fluorescent Ring Light with Dimmer mounted on a Manfrotto boom stand. Edited on Adobe Premiere pro CS5.5 and After effects.


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